Set menu and early evening menu options

Hi Guys,

I have managed to set up my restaurant menu onto version 5 and it works fine with the help of @Jesse. I am unable to find if it is possible to do the following as i have tried searching the forum:

  1. Set Menu’s

I want to be able to press a menu item “Set Menu for 2” and it will automatically enter preselected items:

2 starters
2 mains
1 side
2 rice
1 sundry

I have tried one option where i created a action to add one item to the order on the press of the button:

but i cant seem to add more than one item at a time, will i need to create and action for each item to be added? Is there a simpler way?

  1. I have an early evening menu where customers can choose from the following:


They can either have 3 items or 5 items from a wide selection. This menu is available Monday to Thurs, 5 - 7pm

Is it possible that the waiter can select either 3 or 5 items and a selection of the available items come up but the customer only gets charged for £10.95 for 3 or £13.95 for 5 items?

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

The simpler way is to make a generic action and put [:Product] in the action which allows you to type the product into the action instance in a rule.
Then by right clicking in the add action pop up you can show all and add that action again, repeat a few times and have the same action for each Priduct typing the product into each instance of the action in the rule.

Thanks for you reply @JTRTech but it may because its the end of a long shift but that has just gone over my head. I have tried to add action but for action type it doesnt allow me to enter [:product]. Is there somewhere on the forum where there are some screens of this?

He means parameters section like Menu item name…

So in the rule you can enter ant product name instead of create every action for every products.

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In the add order action put [:Product] for menu item name.

Then go to that rule, remove the action, save, close then go back and re add it.
You will now see a field for Product.
You will need to type the name rather than dropdown but you can then reuse this action in the rule multiple times for your set menu items.

Ok I have tried that

and I have tried adding the action to the rule but i seem to be only add the action once, what am i doing wrong?

Right click on the left list and click show all, go to bottom and you’ll see the action available to add a second time and so on.

Fantastic!!! this is working great and prints our correctly too. Thankd @JTRTech

Any Idea how i can do the second menu?

Customers can choose various Starters, Mains, Sides, Sundries and Rice. Either 3 Items for £10.95 or 5 items for £13.95. Everything is selected from a selection from the main menu.

Ask Question action before add order action.

Im not sure i understand @sukasem. Do you mean ask the question of how many items before adding the order?

I was hoping that there would be a way of doing an item count and that could work out how many items there were and work out the best price, or if we could select a button for say three items and then the next three items added would be part of the early evening menu for £10.95


I have used one epos system which had a set button for 3 items and 5 items. pressing either of these buttons would initiate a popup with the full menu items and categories and any selected items from the popup would be added to the main ticket but not charged. Is there a way of replicating this or a better way of doing this?

It’s possible but probably nobody attempted it yet. Im out of town still or I would try to do something.

How many choices to choose from? Normally special set menu only few items to choose from then ask question is easier. If a lot, then it getting complicated, have to use order state to track items. But this would be complicated.

I think you should just simplify your set. Something like this

  • Ask Question for Starter: Choice 1, choice 2 …
  • Ask Question for Main: Choice 1, choice 2 …
  • Ask Question for Side: Choice 1, choice 2 …

Simplifying isnt an option im afraid, we have had this offer for a long time and it does very well.

I think it should be possible to do something like this. I have looked at order tags but i dont think this will work,

You are probably looking for something like what I did for my DBB orders setup.
For your case you would need to say have a tag per course with a number.
A Set Course product which adds an allowance of starts/mains/desserts to the corresponding tags and then an order adding rule which counts the number of orders for that course and if less than the number in the tag it makes them 0 price.
The price comes from the set menu product;

  • 2x Set Menu - 10.95
  • 1x Stater A - 0
  • 1x Starter B - 0
  • 2x Main A - 0
  • 1x Main B - 6.95
  • 2x Dessert A - 0

The price for set menu comes from the separate product which adds to the allowance qty tags
The actual orders are set to 0 price based on the allowance qty
See Main B is a third main and only 2 set means so price is not updated.

Cant find the post but sure I put one on the forum.
Mine was for DBB/Half board guests and went on the occupancy of the room on the table which was put into a ticket tag for covers.

You can use custom tags in place of mapping for if an order is part of the deal etc.
You will need to have at least a tag to set which product counts to which course.
This can be problematic if you use starter/main portions on one product.

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ok, this seems like what im looking for. Im new to Sambapos so am unsure how i would go about doing this.

Can you advise further @JTRTech


I can try to help but busy at the moment so if you are not expecting a full tutorial tomorrow I can help over next couple of days when get time to get online.

Could do with better understanding your set menu structure to better advise if you want to give a few scenario examples.

No problem @JTRTech, Im in no hurry at the moment.

The way the offer works is we have a list of items/courses


Customer would choose to have 3 items for £10.95 or 5 items for £13.95.

There are around 10 applicable starters at different prices
Around 15 different mains (each with 5 different meat options)
around 7 different rice
around 8 different sides
and 8 different Nan’s

I know its a complicated offer but its one we have had in place for a long time.

The process for the order is a sfollows

waiter asks if they are having the Early evening menu
Customer states either 3 or 5 items
waiter takes all items for order
moves onto next customer
if customer doesnt want early evening menu then full price charged

The offer is only available Mon - Thurs 5pm -7pm. Is there any way of automating this so the option for the menu are only available at these times?

Thanks in advance

What you mean by 3 items (or 5 items)? Customer can order 3 main or 1 starter and 2 main?

Hi Sukasem,

it means customer can have three items (starter, main, rice or main, rice, side etc) or 5 items, (starter, main, rice,side, nan)

they wouldnt be able to order 3 of the same course i.e Mains