Set Printer According to User

i will be accessing same system…
if cashier 1 press print bill
send print to Printer A
if others press print bill
send print to Printer B

how should i set this?

i have try to set Cashier Terminal for Cashier 1 and set transaction printer to Printer A

but this was not working

i have tried this:
Add Cashier Terminal
Set Cashier Terminal for Cashier 2
Add Print Bill Button for Terminal Cashier
if Print Bill Button Pressed
Print Bill for Printer A

where Printer A
Print Job is include Printer A printer

but the problem is
if login as Cashier 2
i set terminal to Cashier
and if login as Cashier 1
terminal is set to Cashier also
i do i change this

Simply copy the Print bill rule and map one for user A and the other for User B. If User A hits print bill it will not execute rule for User B but it will execute for User A. Set specific Print Jobs for each rule with designated printer.

i thought of so but it has option for user role not user
and i want
User Role Cashier—Cashier A — Printer A
User Role Cashier—Cashier B— Printer B

Ok so you can use Action Constraints for this. Make a single Rule for your Print Bill. Put two Execute Print Job actions in the single rule.

For the action that sends it to Printer A make an action constraint of

'{USERNAME}' == 'Cashier A'

For the action that sends it to Printer B make an action constraint of

'{USERNAME}' == 'Cashier B'

Action Constraints look like this:

this is what i was asking for what constraint is used thanks

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Let me know if that does not work I have not tested it. If {USERNAME} does not work try {:CURRENTUSER}

If that does not work try {SETTING:CURRENTUSER}

ok i am going to test now

i have tried all this
if i put without ‘’ like {USERNAME} == ‘Cashier A’ then it does take action but using same printer
‘{USERNAME}’ == ‘Cashier A’ nothing happens

so i am thinking to just add a user role for cashier 2 only thenproceed

I just tested it with '{:CURRENTUSER}'=='User A' and it worked just fine.

hmmm ok will try once again

my other setting is also not working going to the same printer is it got to do with the terminal name at local settings

You did create a separate Print Job mapped to specific printer?

You would have two print jobs one for Printer A and one for Printer B. One Action with Print Job for A another Action with Print Job for B.

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i had done all this but had messed up with the mapping
now its working :smile:
that’s y earlier user setting was also not working

how come u hvnt sleep yet… u r in US right

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i guest @Jesse r sleeping now

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