Set Terminal Action

Has anyone used this action? Whether I pass parameters or fix down the terminal name nothing seems to change:


Reports still show:

What ever is set here:

Would of thought this action was a method to programmatically change this setting to allow User & Terminal Mobility. Say if a IPAD was to be used downstairs at the BAR and later moved to the KITCHEN to take orders…

Thanks Paul.

Although counter productive it doesn’t require samba restart does it?
Maybe logout?

Have you tried: {:CURRENTTERMINAL} ?

Logout/Login ?

Hey Guys
I am trying to get around the use of Local Setting shown in the 2nd image. In certain scenarios the POS unit needs to be shifted and saves us needing to TV into the workstation and change the Terminal Name:

We can set user names to terminal names then using the action we could programmatically change this but action does not work.

From another Topic, not sure if this is related or has any effect on what you are trying to do …

WOW Mar '14 - thanks for checking.
Maybe I try no default menu to department and see if it fires into action…



Hey Q

I reckon the action does not work. I have even fixed the Action to set a specific terminal, have no menu set, and still get this:


See 1st image on post - I have used Bar 2 as the Terminal and called tis action after “User Log” rule.

No joy.