Seting up a Fiscal printer

Hello, i am from Argentina and i must use a fiscal printer.
I was looking in the forum for this topic but i didnt find any solutions.
Is there an update for this topic?
some body knows if the fiscal printer “Epson Tm-u220 Af Ii” works on sambapos 4?
looking forward for solutions, thanks in advance.

There are a few Topics regarding Fiscal Devices, but no one seems to have provided a working example. That may be because it depends on the Printer itself.

However there is this…

Maybe i’m writing at the wrong topic here so Sorry if thats the case.
My question has to do with Fiscal Printing though.
The Question is:
When i close the ticket and then Open the ticket again and Void an Item that was placed in the order by mistake, when printed in Normal Thermal Printer the Voided Item does not Appear.
However when i print the same ticket in my Fiscal Printer the Voided Item Appears on the Ticket.

How can I prevent this from happening? Printing should Include only non Voided or deleted Items from the Order or Ticket.

Help me Please.

Your question is not related to this Topic.

What gets printed is controlled by your Printer Templates.

Post your Templates that you are using.

-- do not print

Thank you… I Solved the Issue based on your Response :slight_smile:
Sorry for posting in the wrong Topic