Setting credit limit for credit customers!

I would like to know if it is possible to set a credit limit for each customers. Each customers given option to setup credit limit and when they meet the limit system would not be able to create a ticket for them. Credit limit has two ways to track them (from a set amount and setting number of days from the last unpaid ticket). This way a customer won’t be able to keep pending credits either if they meet the limit amount or by number of days. Let me know. Thanks.

Hi, been on the forum long time for first post :stuck_out_tongue:

This isn’t really feedback is a question so have changed the category.

Are these to be credit or debit accounts?

There should certainly be a way to do both of these points.
Both would be dependent on the user selecting the entity before beginning the ticket if you wish to proactively limit the ordering process.

Im sure there is a tutorial for credit limit on the forum… without looking it up I would guess it used custom entity data field for the limit and then rules to limit adding orders based on {ENTITY BALANCE} + {TICKET TOTAL} < {ENTITY DATA:Credit Limit}
As for dates this could be achieved fairly similarly with custom entity field, updated on whatever event works for you.

I happened to be implementing a similar limit on a gift voucher system at the minute.
Its for credit accounts so the limit comes from the available credit on the voucher.
({ENTITY BALANCE:Gift Vouchers}+{TICKET TOTAL}) >0 was my constraint on an ask question prompt;