Setting Order state based on Tag Value

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I am following the tutorial to configure the feature but stuck at "Rule to capture Order Added event and set Order State to TA or NonTA based on TA Ticket Tag Value of “To GO” or “Dine In”. I can’t get to set more than one action like shown in the tutorial picture.


so I can set
TA Update Order TAsurcharge State:
Constraint: ‘{TICKET TAG:TA}’==‘Dine In’
TA or NonTA: NonTA
but not
TA Update Order TAsurcharge State:
Constraint: ‘{TICKET TAG:TA}’==‘To GO’
TA or NonTA: TA

I am clicking on the Select Actions link, then add TA updateOrder TAsurcharge State from the picker

Right-click on the Left side of the Action chooser and select Display All Values.

Scroll to the bottom of the Action Chooser (left side), and you will see the Action listed there again.

You can do this multiple times to add the same action as many times as you want.

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Thank you very much. I could configure the function now.