Setting Two POS with Two Pole Displays

Dear All,
I just used DB Tools Import file for using Pole Display.
But I can assign One Pole Display with One POS. Actually, i want to use Two Pole Display with Two POS.
Could you please suggest me how to set up?

What kind of pole display?
Samba would typically look to local resouses for the terminal for that kind of automation.
Like with printers you choose windows name and using same name on each local receipt printer makes each till use its own local printer with single set of automation.
This is likely the same with your displays if they are connected locally to the terminals, use the same port/name on each machine and should be fine.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I use “Power Vision” pole display. I have “Pole display printer” in Printer setting using com4, this com4 pole display is working fine. but at client pos, i have another Pole display physically connected on client pos, it is detected by com7. When can i set that com7 pole display.

How is it setup in samba? as a printer to windows driver or direct to com port as port printer?

Yes, direct to COM port as Port Printer

Dear JTRTech,
Thanks for your help.
Now, Two POS is working properly with Two Pole Displays.
I just only added one more Port Printer with different com port. Then I filtered print job with Terminal name.

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