Setting up a customer database

I would like to set up a customer database for VIP members which numbers approximately 2,000 entries. I really do not want to have to enter this information manually so I was wondering if I could put it into the database directly via a database utility (I use HeidiSQL).

As far as I can see the only database table affected is ‘dbo.Entities’, so I was thinking if I put the data in the correct format in a csv file, I should be able to import it directly into the table using HeidiSQL.

Does anybody have any thoughts as to whether this will work or any better way to achieve my objective.

Any advice would be appreciated.

could backup your database and try it. Wouldnt hurt to try.

That was my plan. I was hoping somebody else had some experience already

I am not sure if anyone has done that particular method… or used that specific tool… But I have used CSV data to update tables and it did work correctly with SambaPOS.

I have been testing entering inventory through a method similar but it used PHP to interact with the CSV file.

There is also a method @JohnS created to add menu items that used CSV data to update tables.

I actually used a slightly modified version of that to get menu items added (approx 500). The main difference is that the menu items interact across several tables whereas the customer database affects only one table as far as I can see. On that basis the simple import of a csv file seems to be more straightforward, rather than write a new php script.