Setting up a "Dine & Donate" fundraiser

Hello, I recently hosted a fundraiser where an organization brought guests in and a percentage of the check was donated back to the organization, a “Dine & Donate”

Setting it up was pretty easy using ticket tags and a custom report.

1: Add a ticket tag named “Fundraiser”

2: Add a subtag. It can be whatever you like. I just named it “Dine & Donate”

3: Map it so it shows up on the tickets

4: When placing an order you can hit the Fundraiser ticket tag so that you can keep track of the tickets that are for the fundraiser

5: Here is a report so that you can know how much you donate back. I have it set up to be 15% you can change that to whatever you like. It also works off of the subtotal so tax isn’t included in the donation.

> [Dine & Dinate Tickets:1, 1, 1]
>Ticket|Sub-Total|15% Donation
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,[T.TotalAmount]-[T.Tax],=(([T.TotalAmount]-[T.Tax])/100)*15:(TT=Fundraiser)}
>>Total {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber.count:(TT=Fundraiser)} |{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[T.TotalAmount.sum]-[T.Tax.sum],=(([T.TotalAmount.Sum]-[T.Tax.sum])/100)*15:(TT=Fundraiser)}