Setting up a server and client on v4

Hie guys. I am completely new to Sambapos and i am not at all a techy. I recently installed SambaPOS4 and i would like to set it up to work as a server,(Back Office), on one PC and a client ,(Cashier), on another PC. May i have a complete step by step configuration to set it up

SambaPOS 4 is no longer supported. The current version is 5. This forum is for version 5. is a good starting point for v5

Thank you Jesse. I will certainly do that. However my boss insists on continuing with v4 which he is used to for the time being. Both his computers crushed unfortunately because of a power surge but he has a copy of v4 which we have managed to install on the back office server. the challenge now is to link the front office PC to the back office. If anyone can assist with the step by step setup we will be very grateful.

Linking process is the same… both versions need sql Express for multi terminal.

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Ok but it will not be supported. You can dig around on the forum and I gave you a link you can look at. V5 and v4 are similar in install and function. We have been on v5 since 2014. It is now 2020 almost, I think it’s time your boss upgraded.

I totally concur with you. Thanks for the guide,i shall try it out and get back to you. thanks