Setting up employee discount

how do i set up an employee discount button.?
example : employee gets 25% or 50% off sandwiches only not beverages in the cooler

Your are making multiple questions for things that have been answered already on the forum many many times. You should maybe make one post with your configuration questions or use the search box that is located in upper right of forum and search for solution.

Not discouraging you from asking questions just trying to keep the forum focused. Multiple questions clutters up the forum and other peoples requests or thoughts might get unnecessarily missed.

EDIT: I was going to combine your posts but decided not to so we dont confuse people. Please try and keep your multiple questions contained within one post however. Or utilize the search function chances are your questions have been answered with much detail already.

Look here for some ideas:

This is a long post but employee discounts were discussed and a good solution was derived.

PLEASE HELP. This post does not show you how to create an employee discount … it did say that she did get the employee discount created but not how it was made

Study the numerous discount tutorials you can build one using their logic. Type Discount in the search box of this forum and look at the many discount posts and tutorials. You should have a good enough understanding to build an employee discount if you take the time to read the forum posts that have already been made on the subject of discounts.

Practice using the forum search and it will open up a plethora of help for you.

this is what rickh post.

this is as far as i got

You are getting close. I have not build this solution and I do not have an interest too so I do not have screenshots to show you. I personally would not use the number system however as I feel its unnecessary I think I mentioned an alternative in the post.

Ill try and do a tutorial for my setup later today, did you get it working?

They way it works is after you have entered the items on the ticket you swipe the staff card or scan their barcode from their staff card and it will automatically apply the discount value setup in their entity. It will also add the staff member as en entity to the ticket and I also have it set to print different receipts for the staff discount transaction which i will also share in my set up

@Jesse is right, following his advice i moved away from using the number constraints and used the way he suggested as it was much easier and simpler. I used a field in the staff entity screen “Discount 10” with either a Y or N in the field box. My actions and rules now use this field and if the result is Y the discount is applied and if it is N it isnt aplied. This allows for easier setting of different discount values for different employees.

I will create a tutorial on my discount method soon, hope that will help

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Great. i hope to see it soon

Yes i like how you had set up the Staff Discount . I would like to know how i can set it up . i took a look at what i did . so far i have gotten the information in but it did not work

i will try and do the tutorial tomorrow the basic flow is:

Add orders to ticket
Swipe/scan/key in employee number
staff entity added to ticket
Ticket tyoe updated to staff discount
Relevant discount deducted from ticket depending on % level assigned on staff entity discount field
staff discount receipt printed

its quite in depth setup so ill need some time to put it together, i will try tomorrow night.

I did briefly look at what you did and noticed that in the load staff member action you have the variable as Employee Number but the actual field in your staff entity is Employee Discount Number, so if the action is looking for a field called Employee Discount to load the staff member it wont be able to as your field is called Employee Discount Number so youll need to change your action to reflect that

And in the screenshot of your load staff member action you have the entity Search Value as Staff Discount Number which is again different to what is in your rule. I think there is some confusion over the actions and your entity names. If you have copied my setup exactly then it wont work for you as your entity field names are different to mine and they need to match exactly the spellings in the actions that you have set up or it wont work.

Your discount 50 is set to query, i kept mine as String (i dont know if that makes a difference or not)

Ive also moved away from adding the constraints with numberpad value greater than and less than, and moved to Discount 10 equals Y to apply the discount (where discount 10 is a field on my staff entities with the data being Y or N so the rules only works if it searches the field Discount 10 and it has a Y in the data box)

I think your mixing up the two different setups ive used and their actions and rules when i swapped them

Ill post a full tutorial as soon as i can, hopefully tomorrow night

first part of tutorial done - automatically assigning staff entity to ticket when employee number is swiped/scanned or keyed in, see below link. I will continue to update this tutorial over the next few days