Setting Up for a Bar

Hey guys, I have a potential client that is a Bar. I haven’t done a bar yet and wanted to see if anyone had any tips or suggestions on the set up.
The biggest concern I have is how to handle tabs?

Have a search on the forum. There are a few ways other users have handled tabs.

@Vasilios, I set it up for a club here & we used all the normal features except we used RFID cards for staff and customer tabs. Mostly because staff & customers have different types of discounts and it changes depending on how often they are in the club.


I’m going to be updating our setup this week with V5. We have a restaurant and bar and they both operate differently. For the bar, I’ll be implementing the creation and opening of tabs(customers) using their info/name from CC magstrip. This is helpful when people don’t stay at specific tables and you collect credit cards to open tabs.

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Take a look at my temp tabs setup, if they are nkt regular customers your customers list will get very long with people never returning.