Setting up Samba POS V4

Ohh Hi there , i wish to have help from u guys cuz im starting a setup for samba pos the v4 . So i dun know where to start and what should i do . cuz of tat. i cant barely got samba running. So Pleasr HELP me then.

@BoonQuan98, sorry but your unlikely to get anyone to give you step by step guidence from scratch.
I would sugest you start by readin up on some of the basic tutorials.

Reconmend starting in a way to give best scope going forward and install SQL Express.
Here is good tutorial for installing SQL and getting samba hooked in to it;

After that what is probably a good thing to do is change the ticket creation method for department (restaurant by default) to create ticket rather than select entity.
This can be changed back but will give you the ticket/menu section which is most likely a more familier POS interface to begin with.

If completly new do not look to start making system as you will want it but experiment following a few tutorials to give you a feel for the software.

Add a few products and put them in the menu.
Make some fash cash buttons - simple with good tutorials on forum.

Build a bit of experiance before diving straight in too deep.