Setting Up System For a Restaurant? (Adding up 2nd Terminal)

Hello Forum

After working on my SambaPos for last couple weeks I am ready to setup my System for my Restaurant.

I have attached all of the Hardware and Software I have they are all on the image I have attached

My Question is that I want to setup 2nd terminal as you can see on the picture
What steps I should follow and What kind of software I need in any of this machines?

I would like to be able to see all of the reports in one or both computers

I thank you for taking time to look at this post and also lI ike to thank everyone who s in SambaPos Project!

  1. First things first, you would need a switch or router to put both pc’s on the same network.
  1. Once the new station is on the same network as the Main Server you can then connect to that database as long as you put in the same exact connection string into samba. Im pretty sure you need to turn your local firewall off for both computers in order for the connection to succeed. If your having connection issues still there is something you need to go configure in ms sql so just post back here if you have issues and ill help you resolve them. Also you will have full functionality with samba regardless of the station. So you will see the same exact thing on both, the main server and 2nd terminal.

  2. For the printing, my favorite way to do this is to buy the UB E03 Ethernet Module. In my opinion this is the best way to do it because it was meant for printer sharing. If you buy these make sure you follow installation directions in the manual as you need to flip some of the DIP switches (bottom side of the printer) in order for the printer to recognize the ethernet module.

If your really trying to save money you could install printers on one of the stations and share them to the other through windows features but I would really try to get those ethernet modules above.

Also keep me posted on your experience with planar, im currently only using elo but considering planar.

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@Hasa I appreciated for you taking your important time and helping me.

I will follow those steps and will share the results.

I bought 2 planar 17" touchscreen monitors and they are both really good to use I can say. I don’t know too much about touch screens, so they are working for me just fine. I would recommend them to you.

Thanks once again for all your super help.

here are the both computers data connection string @Hasa

what step I need to take now?

The terminals should share the same database.

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When I do that I will get connection string error what do I need to do order to not get an error? @Jesse

Please review SQL Server Configuration section of this tutorial.

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Ustad @emre gosterdiginiz tum stepleri yaptim ama suanda iki bilgisayar arasinda bi baglanti varmi emin degilim. iki bilgisayardada aciyorum sambapos ilk bilgisayar bi masa seciyorum ama digerinde hicbi gelisme olmuyo bu normelmidir?

Reportlarda birbiriyle ayri Anlamadim neyi eksik yaptim. network connections da birbirine bagli gorunuyor iki bilgisayar

I can read your language somewhat but you may get a lot more help from us if you could bring us into the conversation as well as @emre.

I am sorry I tought I would express my problem better in my first language @Jesse

I have follow all of the steps I have MySQL installed in both computers, both computers have same SambaPos versions with same backups I have changed the local settings as the main computer and seems like its ok because I don’t get any error messages. now when I go network setup I see both computers are attached and I have connect both computers in same network with using Ethernet cables I don’t think I was successful to add my 2nd terminal to the main because when I make order on main computer nothing changes on the 2nd terminal I am trying to add and when I do reports I cant see 2nd terminal on my report

What I am doing wrong?

Your connection string needs to be the same on both computers. If you still have it like you showed in the screenshots then its because your second terminal is connected to a different database. Make sure SQL Server Browser service is running on the server and also disable all firewalls.

I have attached screenshots from both computers

Here is the Main computer screenshots

Here are the 2nd computer I am trying to add as a 2nd

they are also both running on multi user mode

You only install SQL server on one computer not both. The second terminal connects to the SQL Server.

so should I uninstall MySQL on second computer?

It does not use MySQL you should uninstall SQL Express on the 2nd computer and your connection string would be:

Data Source=Servers Computer Name\SAMBAPOS: Database=SAMBAPOS1

Replace Servers Computer Name with whatever the computer name is for the main server that has SQL Server installed on.

PS. the tutorial explains all of this if you read it carefully.

Hi, personally with the Ethernet setup of the Pos printers I would go with 2x 4 port switches as you do not have to lay as many cables.

For example go with the 8 ports little brother Netgear GS105

Good point but that would depend on his layout.


Both PC’s needs to connect to same SQL Server. As they configured to connect to localhost they connects to locally installed SQL Servers.

Management Console screenshots shows the server names. Instead of localhost\SAMBAPOS you need to configure Data Source as GREENOLIVE1-PC\SAMBAPOS or as the other one.

Additionally you need to configure Message Server to be able to update terminal’s table view screens automatically.

İki bilgisayarın da aynı SQL Server’a bağlanması gerek. local yerel anlamına geliyor bu nedenle her ikisinde de sunucu adı localhost olduğu için iki bilgisayar da kendi içindeki SQL Server’a bağlanıyor.

Management Consol’da sunucu adının ne olduğu görünüyor. GREENOLIVE1-PC\SAMBAPOS ya da diğeri… hangisini sunucu olarak kullanacaksan Data Source kısmında localhost\SambaPOS yerine bu sunucu ismini yazman gerekiyor.

Ayrıca masa renklerinin her bilgisayarda otomatik olarak güncellenmesi için Mesaj Sunucusu ayarlaman gerek.