Settings password changed

The settings password 2122****** on the waiter’s tablet that Nizamettin recently installed for me doesn’t work, is there another / new password?

8.1. Android Mobile Client V2 Setup – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

That has the default settings password.


That is the password that I’ve been trying; without success.

Hello @chef, the default password is 2122520634
It could only be changed manually from the Change Settings Password in the settings page of Mobile Client App.

That’s really strange, Nizam. I haven’t touched the settings since you installed. It works perfectly, thank you. I just wanted to stop the auto logoff function. It’s a pain as, with only one unit, there isn’t a good reason to log off.

Hello @chef,

I can recommend you to check 2 points for Auto logout feature;

1- Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Terminals > Select related terminal > Unselect if Auto logout box is selected.

2- On the Mobile Client App;
Settings > 2122520634 > Find Settings > Preferences > Auto Logout > See if it is selected as No