Setup barcode in Program Setting

How to setup BARCODE in program setting

I entered to Manager->Program Settings->Barcode

My scale device print a label with barcode on it like this 2700044002201
27 Static
00044 Product Barcode
00220 Weight: 00Kg and 220g
1 Control

I setup Barcode setting as below:
Weight Barcode Prefix: 27
Weight Barcode Item Id Length: 5
Weight Barcode Item Id Format: Empty
Weight Barcode Quantity Length: 5
Quantity Separators: ???

I entered barcode in product page as: 00044

Now when I reading my scale barcode in POS page by barcode reader, the software select the right product but wrong quantity 220Kg not corrent quantity 0.220Kg

How to correct this problem???

Edit product and update Portion Multiplier as 1000 and define Kg price for portion. After that change setting quantity as 500 will mean 0.5.

Thanks a lot for your help.