Setup for coffee shop with many beverages on many kind of beans

Hi, I run few coffee shops and we basically sells packaged coffee beans and espresso equipment. Also we sells beverages (espresso, doppio, lungo, cappucino, latte) based on all sort of beans that we have (20+) - we call it demonstration.

I’ve already found how to disable tables and how to setup inventory for bar (our demonstration) to calculate how much coffee of each sort and milk were used.

Currently I have following question: can I create my menu in the way that allows me to avoid creating all types of beverages for all types of coffee beans?

We ave fixed recipes:
espresso: 10 gr of coffee
doppio: 20 gr of coffee
cappuccino: 10 gr of coffee + 100 gr of milk
latte: 10 gr of coffee + 150 gr of milk

I want to be able to choose type of beverage and than beans so price will be calculated based on receipt (price of milk, price of specified beans)

I know simple way of doing this: have 10 gr of each coffee in menu and 100 and 150 gr of milk. But I’d like to collect statistics based of beverages types, and this will not be possible if I follow this way.

There is a not so elegant way: create all kinds of beverages for all kind of beans. But it’s hard to support. Still I probably follow this way if there will be no convenient option.

Thank you for any help.

My first test of SambaPOS really impressed me!

Look at Order Tags (modifiers) …

Thank you for your answer. Will try this aproach

Hello I have one question, that is close to the topic. We are making coffe - normal portion and long one. So the normal portion is 5 grams and longer one - 10. I’ve set the multiplier to 1000 (cause 1kg = 1 000 gr.). I have made the recipes for the coffe. The problem is that when I sell one normal portion of coffee (5gr.), the system is counting the selling but it is not displaying it. Here you can see what is my inventory report.

I’m pretty sure that if I can make the system to show me 4 signs after “,” (instead of 0.94, to show me 0.9450) it will be ok. If you know smarter way, I will be glad to see it.

Thank you, best regards.

Can you show your inventory Items? So we can see how you set them up? Also if you sell in grams then your items are setup wrong. You basically told it that when you buy your coffee you buy it in 1000kg units… I know that is probably not how you buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, maybe you are right, I’m going to check it right now. Also, here are the screen shots of my product

OK so you set it up correctly but you may not be reading the inventory like you think you are.

The way you set it up with the multiplier means when you look at inventory report it shows what % of 1 case of 1000gr you purchased

So according to your sshot you have 94% of 1 case left.

If you want it to show how many grams of it is left after you sold 5 grams… so if your expecting 995 there… then you need to set it up without a multiplier and setup an extra unit for the 1000gr purchase.


I sold 1 coffee.

Yours will look little different because im on beta version but that should show you the gist.

Hmm…I’ve set it that way, because this is the way that I’ve set the alcohol and coctails, and it is work correct. Of course, I have different doses with the other products, but I will check your way.

Your way is fine. I just wanted you to understand how to read the report. Setup your way its showing what % of the purchased amount is left. Setup my way it shows how many of the base unit are left.

Both ways work it just depends on how you want it to be read and how you purchase it.

So in yours it worked fine… the inventory report shows .94 because you have 94% of 1 1000gr purchase left.

Setup my way it shows I have 995 gr left of 1 1000gr purchase.


I got it…and I fixed it. Now its work perfect…thank you very much. One more thing just came up. I’ve set the default cost to 0.20. After sells, in the cost report is displayed not .20, but 1. Do you know why is that?

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Show where you set that default cost?

@toniko Can you show the recipe with the portion? Are you selling a 5rp portion?