Setup kds to display kds screen only

Hello Friends,

I bought a new terminal for my Grill. How do I set it up for the new terminal to display only only kitchen screen?

How the KDS display all Screen. I don’t want that. I want it to display only KDS screen.

Create a new terminal.

2. Make sure the terminal is set in local settings

3. Change your entity screen mappings to the terminal. Also make sure the other entity screens are mapped only to terminals you want.

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Hello @Okokhue_Ferdinard,

If you don’t have a KDS setup, you can check below document for it;

Also you can follow below steps to achieve what you wanted;

1- You need to create a Terminal for your Kitchen computer.

Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Terminal > Add Terminal

2- After you created the Terminal, logout the SambaPOS on Kitchen computer and then from Local Settings select the Terminal that you created on previous step.

Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Local Settings > Terminal > Kitchen Terminal

3- Determine the Terminal to display the related Kitchen Display Screen from Mappings of Kitchen Display Entity Screen

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Thank you so much. It was helpful

Thank you so much. It was really helpful. Thanks again.