Setup Menu With Different Ticket Tags to create report for Future use


Can i Do this ?
I am Designing the reports to be similar to there old System, using Ticket Tags and Sub tags.

This may not be possible with standard report tags. It may be possible using SQL, but I’m not sure. Sambapos likes to build reports vertically. When you put more than one report tag on the same line, just the first report tag will show the results, the rest will be ignored.

Posible but would expect it to be a slow load.
Do your rows with @report.
Then string multiple report expressions inline across using $1 for reference on row.
The columns would need to be hard coded.

$1|{REPORT:x:Groupcode=$1 && TagName=Bar}|{REPORT:x:Groupcode=$1 && TagName=Table}|{REPORT:x:Groupcode=$1 && TagName=ToGo}|etcetc|

Total column would not have the ticket tag constraint just the groupcode.

Obviously thats not a working example, just the direction I would look to try first.

Some of your lower rows might be harder, allot seem more accounts based which unless some through a ticket transaction wouldnt have a ticket tag available to report against.

As I said, a report like that is going to be slow to load, will be looping through all period sales for each tag X each groupcode.

Is it better to Do 6 Departments?Instead?

That was my original thought, that it would be possible. I did a quick proof of concept and found out reports don’t show up next to each other.

Same report with 2nd report on next line.

I’ll try the 6 Departments?Thanks.

I’m pretty sure that’s because your not used a list @ and $ constraint. Pretty sure unless chanhed you can have seperate reports on same line.

I mean its done on default wp report !


So yes you can lol :laughing:

I need this 6 departments to be able to transfer tickets,merge tickets across the whole restaurant easily. Can this be done with future reporting in mind?
if I use sub tags with 40000.00$ in sales ,will this slow it down, when trying to do reports? Sorry i have to present something on monday to show them.

I cannot say how quick report will be, I can see that report taking some time to generate given the repetitiveness of the structure.
Sql may be a better option but would be a complex report to build i think. Dont know what your skill level is.
Merge departments? Never really used departments much but can you merge tickets from different departments?

computer science degree, so i’m familiar with sql calls.
Thanks ill start working on it.

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I stand corrected!

However, what would you use for a parameter? …I guess each column could get it’s own department expression and the parameter would be the row name (ie Food, Beverages, etc.). That might work.