Setup Sambapos v5 to print a receipt reflecting payment type after the table has been settled

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i would like to be able to print a receipt once a table is settled to issue to the customer once his bill has been paid, how do i go about setting a rule/ trigger for this application. and one other problem i have is printing the price of a order tag on the bill it lumps it together with the item and lists the extras but does not reflect the extra charge on the line of the extra. how can i rectify this.

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For final payment bill you want to use either payment processed rule event with constraints for remaining total/balance =0 and ticket total is more than 0 or before ticket closing with similar constraints.

As for order tags you have obviously set tag to price included with order. To reflect this you need to change the order line part of the template from the price expression which shows product price only to a different one, not at PC to get exact expression but it will be something like order total or line total - if you click template help it will show you a list of tags and you want to look in the orders section of the expression list.

I initially tried both of these options, but ran in to some problems…

Payment Processed
Remaining Total = 0
If change is due then remaining total will be negative. If you change the rule to Remaining Total <= 0 then when the ticket prints it shows a negative balance. and for some reason it does not include the change payments. The balance only seems to reset to 0 and the change payments are included if I actually wait for the big red Change Due message to appear and then manually trigger the “Print Bill” command.

I should mention that I am using specific change templates because I am using multiple currencies, but either way this strange functionality happens even if I only take in the default currency and give the default currency out as change.

On the other hand

Ticket Closed
Remaining Total = 0
The problem I found with this approach is that when I display an old ticket (maybe to check the details of what I customer purchased) then a ticket would be reprinted when I close the ticket. A payment might not have been made for months, but I am still closing a ticket with a 0 balance remaining.

The solution that I found was to trigger the print job when the Ticket State is changed to “Paid” - This only happens when the balance is 0 and crucially for me it seems to happen after the change has been correctly assigned on the ticket.

Any thoughts on this? Could I be doing something wrong?

I’ll have a check on mine but I don’t specificly only print on last payment.
On my setup I have a print bill option on the show change message as in my video tutorial for show change message.
And I also have a simple payment processed to print a bill on every card payment so there is a copy to staple to the merchant copy of the card receipt.
I don’t force print on final payment as having a busy bar this would result in lots of am wasted paper hence the print bill on show change along with the print last bill button which shows in the same place as print bill before ticket is create on first order add which then shows print bill for this ticket.

Ohh - I like this idea. I was trying to work out how to best handle this…

It’s my reconmended method.
Print for every card payment and ask if want receipt for cash/print last bill button.
I think I also added a force print for cash but only payments over £20 so you didn’t get a receipt for every 2-3 pint round at the bar without pressing print but did for larger bills.
Plus they still get the option on show change message and print last bill button aswell.
Our epos sales are maybe 60/40 towards dry so do have allot of bar sales which makes forced print a big waste of paper.

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Yeah - It’s very different here in the dive shop. We don’t print many tickets, but when we do they’re pretty lengthy with different warning and logos depending of what the customer ordered. I was getting worried about how long my recipts were getting, but I went to Starbucks the other day and ordered one coffee and paid wih exact cash and the recipt for just 3 USD was longer than one of my dive tickets for a week of diving costing over 1000 USD! So after that I felt a little less worried about recipt length!

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If it’s for a dive shop with those types of value tickets you aren’t going to begrudge an extra copy of the receipt… It’s a waste on a single pint or packet of crisps.

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As for the ticket closing I referred to before closing which if you get ordering of rules right you could add a ticket status constraint to not print on closed tickets.
Or add some additional custom state to use…

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