Sewoo SLK-TS400 Beep Sound

Hello, anyone of have this printer and managed to make it beep?
i’ve tried with and
27,40,65,3,0,97,1,2 ( i dont know my codes couldnt find them so tried these )
but no luck so far

thanks for your help

These? As in you tried that whole sting of numbers or one by one.
Typically a bleep command will have a few numbers for the command then 2 or 3 paramiter numbers defining the tone/length/count.

This is the command for our kitchen printer here;


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do you have that printer SLK-TS400?

No, I have a cheapy china epson clone.

If this is the correct printer I dont see a command for beep…

thats the correct printer, but i know it makes beep because if you go to printers, printer preference it says beep and if i check that it does beep on test printCapture2323

i’ve been trying to play around but i cannot make it print on samba, i’ve been using these printer with different POS system and checking that option is the only thing i need to do to make it print, samba doesnt work like that…

There is details in manual for turning beep on error on/off - ie if paper runs out/jams etc.
Bleep using information isn’t perticular you definitive as to what it means. It likely just relates to the error beep detailed in that PDF.

do you know if we can make samba to trigger that error? so at least it will make sound


So you want it to cause an error to make a sound? I dont think we can do that or should. Typically that beep error is when it runs out of paper.

issue is solved, for anyone with same issue with these printers you just need to download memory saver from their website
select connection type

Select check communication and then read printer settings
en select beep time

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I edited your post to remove direct download link and replace with their website. Its not a good idea to put direct download links to outside websites in the forum.

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