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Yes they do. I wish it was easier but the only way to really unlock the advanced features is to learn the basics and spend time understanding how it works. I keep mentioning tutorials… they really are the best route for beginners. There is no other method better. It may be annoying and often I found myself wishing someone could just help me understand something… but I pushed on because I wanted that control over my system.


Just the other day my Sysco Food Rep was trying to sell me a new POS system that they are developing called Cake. He was showing me what it could do and it was impressive. Then we went into the real grit of it… I asked him if it can use tablets… he said yes for $29 a month per tablet and you have to buy ipads.

I said ok can it do kitchen displays… he said yes through a partnership with Cheftab which costs $399 plus equipment fees.

I said wow ok what if I want to do take away and eat in… he said yes … he showed me it… it had delivery on there too. I said we do not do delivery can I turn that off. He said no it is built in and currently we do not have an option to turn it off you can just tell your employees not to click on delivery option.

I then asked about reports… I said can the timeclock report show Credit card and Declared Cash tips in the same report. He said that is a good idea I will pass it up to our developers but right now it has them in seperate reports.

By the time we were done discussing it… i realized that I would be paying $350 per month for a system that does nothing that I really wanted it to do… but it looked fancy.

All of those things I needed can be done with SambaPOS and I can control exactly how it does it but the catch is I have to learn how to do that… OK thats a commitment but damn it sure is nice having that power.


Appreciate your replies :slight_smile:


Your welcome… again sorry for being so long winded. The reason I push tutorials and the reason I try to get people to learn it is because I want them to reap the benefits of SambaPOS the real benefits because it will give them so much power over their business and it will help them be tremendously more profitable to be able to implement any feature at any time.

There are NO other POS systems that can offer that to business owners. You are always at the mercy of the developers or the company when you need something specific. The SambaPOS team could say ok lets start developing some of these advanced features but we will need to charge for them because its taking our resources to do it.

Or they can market something different that gives the power to the customer and as a result requires a commitment to learn but boy does it ever give you power over your business.


Never mind I understand and really appreciated that