Shared Experience. Manage fidelity card with RFID card

I just want to share my experience about RFID card to maybe help people to choose their equipement.
I think that is an economic, handy and gainfull solution compared to magnetic card or barcode card.
Basic Rfid technology reader (mifare 13,56MHz) = 50€ Card=0.85€/card
Basic Magnetic card reader = 100€ Pré-encoded card = 0.90€/card
Basic Bar code reader = 150€ Blank card = 0,10€/card


RFID : Contactless (video demo link) Customer can easily swip himlsef his card // Disadvantage : Don’t know for the moment.
Magnetic Card : Can’t be easily copied. Can store Data if you buy encoder (more than 350€) // Disadvanage : Magnetic Tape can be used in time.
Card with barcode : Really economic about card if you have already a bar code reader (to manage your store). No need encoder to personalize data (reference number)/ Disadvantage : Can be easily copied and can be dirty and used in time (so problem to read barcode)
RFID could be really economic solution if you have more than one cash register in your store.
Of course, that’s only my point of view and that talks about solutions to manage simply fidelity card system without high security requirements.

Here short video demo about contacless identification to show how it’s easy, handy and fast.


I have tried a few different technologies and they all have good and bad points, but it really depends on the situation and frequency of use.

Motorola 2D barcode scanner approx AU$200
Magnetic and 13.56Mhz RFID Reader approx AU$100

Pro - Secure, unique ID’s, small, great for staff and VIP customers, great lifespan
Con - Can be costly for use on low turnover customers, long term investment

Mag Card
Pro - Common within hospitality, can be very cost effective, good lifespan
Con - Not that secure, becoming old school technology, requires encoding and printing, typically a short term investment as used for annual memberships

Barcode Scanner
Pro - Cheapest, on demand, versatile, 2D support available so you can use QR codes, most POS terminals will have a barcode scanner (no additional costs)
Con - Poor lifespan

The last site we setup used as follows
RFID - Staff Logins
Mag Card - Memberships, Loyalty
Barcode - Vouchers, Gift Certificates


I’m agree with you, that depends on the situation
In my case, I talk about fidelity card.
In my opinion the best advantage to RFID technology is that there is no manipulation required by the staff because the client can swip himself his card.on the reader.
RFID reader can also be placed behind a plate to be protected (really interesting integration possibilities)

Another advantage, the client can leave his card inside wallet.

which NFC/RFID reader app you use in this case?

To share my experience;

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