Sharing our Workflow with Kitchen Display

Hi everyone! We have been using SambaPOS flawlessly in our restaurant for 5 months now. We started with the database from Kitchen Display forum post, and from there we have customized it with bits and pieces of things we found in the generous posts of other users in the forum.

The ORDER READY function has always been a hot topic in the forum, specially with people wanting to set order items to Ready individually.

We’ve learned from the previous months that the basic kitchen display workflow posted on the forums could be problematic for our scenario. The kitchen staff would always have a hard time reading the kitchen display because whenever new orders are added to a ticket, old items that haven’t been marked as Delivered (because some items are still cooking in the kitchen)would return to the kitchen display with no indication of which items are already finished/served.

So to solve this problem we’ve modified the kitchen display workflow to suit our own process. We basically removed Order Ready state, and instead the kitchen would notify the wait staff that an order is ready PHYSICALLY by ringing a bell. The waiters would then indicate that they have served the orders individually (in the order line). Served or Voided items would then be indicated in the kitchen display.

Kitchen display

We replaced the Order Ready command with a Cleanup Orders command which removes all the items that have been served or voided, meaning that the kitchen have acknowledged all the changes in that particular ticket. This way, no items will be removed from the kitchen screen without their approval. We also displayed the duration of the time since the order has been placed to help the kitchen prioritize their cooking.

New Orders

Individual items marked as Served

Waiter’s view setting orders as Served in the order line

Shows progress of added orders, served/voided, cleaned up order, and then latest orders served

With the entity states, we retained New Orders and Delivered but with a bit different flow. Since Order Ready is gone, we have set it so that when all orders have been set as Served (or voided) by the wait staff, the entity will be automatically set to Delivered. When the kitchen cleans up a Delivered ticket, it will be set to unpaid.

Orders Status set to Delivered. Ticket Status unpaid. Entity Status Unpaid.

State Table

With this workflow we have drastically reduced confusion in the kitchen, and we have kind of found a way around marking each order item as ready. The actual process behind the scenes (rules and actions) are more complicated than we wanted but we have tested it thoroughly and it so far works.The only slight drawback we found is that the waiters would have to continuously update the tickets of the orders they have served for the kitchen to be able to track the orders properly.

If anyone would be interested in this workflow, we’d be happy to answer questions. We’d also like to thank everybody in the forum that has been actively posting and helping us. You guys are awesome! :smile:

Database File: (854.5 KB)


It would be great if you could share your setup and some screen shots, @Jesse can you allow him to be able to share or is it just @emre that can do that?

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@gibraelsnonsense, can you try posting pictures now?


@rickh me @qmckay and @emre can. It also does it auto if user hangs around and reads or posts enough.


Alright guys. I have added the images that I was supposed to add earlier. :blush:


Can you please share the export file/sdf file for this setup?

anyone have the database on making the item to be served? (854.5 KB)

Hi. Here’s our database. Although, this might not be an ideal starting point for everyone because this is our actual production database with some very specific modifications like:

  • Non-VAT Sales accounts, so there are no taxes
  • 20% Senior Citizen discount as per our laws
  • A customized accounts screen that includes tips tracking, employees cash advance/salaries, cash disbursement/settlement with voucher printing, general cash flow, and paying out suppliers and utilities. Some of these things would actually be helpful but I don’t know if it would fit your country’s rules/processes exactly.
  • Separate Kitchen and Bar Printers, and our whole menu.
  • And maybe some other things I’m forgetting right now. :pensive:

But if you have the Database Tool - I don’t, you may extract the necessary things to make it work with your setup. But this would sufficiently demonstrate how our workflow goes, and maybe someone could take a serious look at it and help us make it better. :slight_smile:


Dear @gibraelsnonsense
I can’t connect to the database. There is an error message
Can you please check and reupload that files?


Since @gibraelsnonsense is out of town at the moment… I am taking the liberty of uploading a copy of the database.

SambaPOS4 (854.5 KB)

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Thank you so much.
For some reason I can’t connect to that database.
Any idea whay?
On sql management it’s showing recovery panding. What this means?

I just downloaded the attached file and it attached successfully into my SQL server. BTW we are using SQL Express 2014.

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Thanks, attached successfully without issue for me :slight_smile:

and wow, i am amazed at the rule for cleaning orders.