Show Automation COmmand when Enabled State IS NOT

How would I do that? State=Example shows when the ticket state is in Example, how about I only want to show if it ISNT in Example? State!Example? …



You can not do that. It maps to states its not comparing an expression so you need to give it a specific state or states or wildcard. So pick a state that is not Example that you want it to show and use that state. Or explain what your trying to do and I can recommend a flow.

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Ok, its not biggie, I can map in all states.

Thanks for the reply though

One or two of my buttons I wanted to map like that.
One was a void button which wasnt manager/conf admin restricted and called cancel which was to be enabled on switch user tickets/hold ticket (as opening hold ticket automatically unholds it.

What I did was create a new order state of CancelButton and few rules to set to Enable and null in the flows as required.
Ie, adding new order sets CancelButton=New when holding ticket CancelButton=New orders status are set to CancelButton=Hold and the default ticket close rule is constrained to Status not equal Hold.
normal closing (non hold) the sets all to CancelButton=None
Meaning I mapped default Cancel button to CancelButton=New and the Cancel (for hold ticket/orders) to CancelButton=Hold