Show Cambodia language on Label printer

Hello Everyone, I want to show my local language (Cambodia Language) on the label printer
Please help me thanks !

Does your label printer support Cambodia language?

Does your label printer support printing from Windows (i.e. not using the printer language)? If so, you could do that instead and use Document Printer for printing in SambaPOS. This will support your language and give you more (easier) formatting options. This is how we work with Honeywell PC42d printers right now.

One more thing could we input logo on label sticker ? if can please kindly show me the code Thanks.

use <BMP>pathtofile example <bmp>c:/filea.bmp

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Probably won’t work for a label printer as it doesn’t use ESC/POS language. They use PCL or ZPL language depending on the mdoel and you will need to reference the image in that format. The <BMP> tag will output to ESC/POS.

Like I suggested before, if your label printer supports direct printing from Windows, I suggest using that and use Document Printer template in SambaPOS. You can then print an image using the following tag (replace the width and height with the actual size of image or what size you want printed at, trial and error most likely needed a bit…):

<Image Width="100" Height="100" Source="pathtofile example c:\filea.bmp" />
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