Show department in report

How to show department in report
or Item Sale Report per Department

On V4 Reports does not grouped by department. It grouped by Ticket Type instead. Create multiple ticket types for each department and map them to departments.

Thank You Emre… Can you guide me to do so…

Thanks again

That depends on your configuration. How you’re planning to use departments? Can you give more details?

Hi Emre … my configuration is two departments , Dine-in and Takeaway
i want is each department have its own ticket printout.
Dine-in kitchen-order and Bill,
Takeaway kitchen-order
and on the work period report , show how many Dine-in and Takeaway


  • Create a new Ticket Type called Take Away
  • Create a new department for Take Away and assign Take Away ticket to that department. Ticket creation method will be Create Ticket.

I’ll prepare a detailed tutorial soon for printer configuration.

Ticket type creation done …
awaiting for your next guide

Thank You…Emre

You can read it here Printing Tutorial in Detail

You can find department specific printer template configuration at the end of the tutorial.

Thanks Alot…Emre … !!