Show inventory count

how can we show the stock count under the products.

Short answer is you can’t

You can’t report on inventory level without having the product added to the ticket

I have an stock level tutorial that shows you how to check stock level on an item added to ticket as well as a low level indicator warning that appears when an item added to ticket has 5 or less in stock (you can change that number)

Ive also just finished with the help of QMcKay and his sql skills I way of displaying stock level (and other info including a picture etc) once you scan the barcode of the product

I’m pretty sure displaying the stock level on the product button isn’t something doable and if it is it will probably involve some complex sql stuff, it certainly isn’t something quick and easy to do

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I would have said the same thing.

Then I tried something:

{REPORT INVENTORY:<inventoryItemName>:<warehouseName>}

Manage > Products > Menu List > [Menu] > [Category] > Edit Product Properties > Header

Example (my Warehouse is called “SHOP”):



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thank you very good :smile:

No way!! I thought we’d tried that before and it didn’t work :grinning:

I’m sorry about that :frowning:

Maybe it didn’t work in older versions, but now it does. :wink:

Used in this fashion for a lot of Products, keep in mind:

  • the Report Tag is very expensive (resource intensive)
  • the Inventory Level is really only useful for Products that have a 1:1 relationship to Inventory Items as configured via the Recipe
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