Show message/display popup on all computer/tablet


Hello guys… i wonder can we display popup or show message on all pc/tablet?

I want to create button for item is not avaiable (ex. Coffee is not avaiable)…
So when the kitchen PC is click the button it’ll show message to cashier or waiter tablet.
So all the waiter when ordering is know that coffee is not avaiable now…

What i can build is when Kitchen PC is click the button, its only show on kitchen PC… not to all Tablet/pc

Need advice and sorry for my bad english


Yep you can map the rule to click the button to a specific terrminal!


You will need to use the broadcast message action then the kitchen button broadcasts the message and you have a message received rule to display the popup.


I have done with BC msg from this tutorial Displaying notification messages on terminals
But i dont get any work on it…

Would u show your setting with pic?



The tutorial is to complex for clear order when food is ready… but anyway i tried modified what i want in more easy way but cannot figure it out


I dont have the same but similar;

This rule is triggered by ‘NewBookRoomSalesTransfer’ automation command.
This command value comes from a script which doesnt matter to you but it has 4 possible expected values and anything else will be an error.
So if anything other than the listed command values (expected values) the rule broadcasts message.
This message received rule then picks up on commands containing ‘sales data syc error’ and displays the message command in popup.

Ive mapped this rule to all terminals other than server (which runs the origional script and you might want to do the same but exc kitchen terminal as probably doesnt need popup if they are the one triggering the popup they already know.


Still confused… anyway thanks for sharing…

This is my Broadcast and message action

and my rule

i have only 1 terminal so the mapping for rule is default by all

and nothing message show when i clicked the coffee out of order button
where is my mistake?


Message server installed enabled and connected?


If you only have 1 till what’s the point in the popup?


Yes message server is connected… and here is my situation…

Our place have 4 ordering waiter and 2 delivery waiter… the chance for ordering waiter to meet kitchen worker or delivery waiter is very low in rush hour (sat night between 8-11 pm).
We selling juice and we live in island… sometimes we cannot buy fruit in bulk on market because market got no stock… so we can only buy for small portion.

In rush hour many times we make a quest dissapoint because they order the X juice but the X juice didnt come for a long time (out of order) and the ordering waiter didnt know that X juice is no more stock.
And after we told to quest its no more avaiable, the quest dissapointed cause why we didnt tell to quest from begining…

So if i can create button in 1 click on kitchen pc and show message to all waiter tablet, it’ll be helping a lot.



Your described method would be would be a one time notification you understand right?
Are you actually looking for a stock level notification when ringing in the item?

My question

was because you said you only have one terminal

Which isnt true as you also have the tablet which as far as samba is conserned is a terminal - it doesnt care if its a tablet or pc.

The method i described above works, i have it on my system and others will use similar.
if its not working you have missed something or done something wrong.


no… just one time notification for all tablet…
yeah i know there is something wrong with my setting, just dont know which one.
i’ll start with fresh setting and do the broadcast setting first… if is still failed, im give up

Btw thanks for your time and advice Sir @JTRTech
I really appreciate it


You need to use the broadcast message action, and a rule on each machine to receive that message with a show message action to execute when message is received.


In your Rule for Coffee Out Of Order, the Rule Constraint on the LEFT is not valid. This does not work:


This will work (it is in the drop-down list):

Automation Command Name

This will also work: