Show only items with variance when doing End of Day Report

I managed to pull the variance from the end of day report but now my problem is i want to list only items with over or short rather than listing all items like shown in my image. Is there a way i can filter with items that have variance only?

[Stock Take / End Of Day Record:2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1]
>>Item|Unit Cost|Op Stock|Sold|Purchases|Expected|Count|Variance|Variance$
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Cost,C.InStock.Sum,C.Consumption,C.Added,C.Prediction,C.PhysicalInventor,[C.PhysicalInventory]-[C.Prediction],[($2*$8)]}
>>Totals||OP-Totals|Sold Tot|Pur Tot|Exp Tot|Physical|Variance|Var@Cost
>Totals|{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Cost.Sum,C.InStock.Sum,C.Consumption.sum,C.Added.Sum,C.Prediction.Sum,C.PhysicalInventory.Sum,[C.PhysicalInventory.Sum]-[C.Prediction.Sum],[($2*$8)]}