Show phone number and name-vorname of customer


I would like to show whole Data from customer instead of only Phone number in this image.
It is above of order list.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks in advance

You are using SambaPOS V3, which is very old now (last release was over 6 years ago!). This forum is for V5, you won’t find support here for V3 as most people will never have used it.

However did you actually give a name for the customer? I can see from your screenshot that it says “Customer: -(078) 696 77”, I would expect the name to show before the “-”, possibly you just did not enter the name?

On V5, we have “Display Format” where you can specify how it is displayed. I’m not sure if this existed in V3. It is on the Entity Types settings.

[First Name] [Last Name]-[Phone]

which would display like

Customer: John Smith-01234567890

(Those in [ ] are the Custom Field Names)

Confirmed the above does work with V3

2020-07-02_11;17_1593710270_Samba.Presentation 2020-07-02_11;14_1593710095_Samba.Presentation 2020-07-02_11;15_1593710116_Samba.Presentation

So the answer is… put the name in LOL

Yes, quite!


Tank you very much for your Helps.
It is working.