Sign ticket does not work any more

Hello, I’ve done a command to sign the ticket in 4.1.82 version, it was working properly well, but suddendly the “Sign” button does nothing. I’ve created automation command, rule and Action as described in the forum Add signature to ticket. Even doing the command again with another name, does not work.

If it “suddenly” does nothing, then “someone” altered “something” to break it.

Post screenshots of your Actions, Rules, and Printer Template.

I can not attach images, it says: Sorry, new users can not do it

I changed your permission level. Try again.

Change Waiter name to an [?input prompt].

You have:

[:Nombre del mesero que atendio]

It should be:

[?Nombre del mesero que atendio]

In this Rule:

Thanks!! Problem solved!!!