Signature on Ticket

I am looking to get an Electronic Signature device and have customers sign when receiving certain items. I need to store this signature along with the ticket. I presume this would be image format or pdf. I was thinking of using a pdf printer and then have the customer sign the PDF but I would have no way of storing the pdf to the ticket. Anyone have any ideas how to do this. Is it possible to attach an image or a file to a ticket? I seen the below post and it is very close to what I want to do but I need a signature.

Perhaps with some scripting it’s possible. I woldnt know where to start though.

Not possible. The Tickets Table, like all DB Tables in SambaPOS, does not have a column for storing images/blobs.

The best you could do without making modifications to the Database, is to maybe set a Ticket Tag to contain the path to the PDF/Image on the local Hard drive.

You could possibly create another Table in the DB which contains a column of a datatype that can hold image data, along with another column to reference the Ticket Id.

Then using SQL in JScript, you could store and later retrieve that image, and display it inside an <img></img> tag or similar, within Ask Question dialog, or on an Entity Screen Label, or the like.


Just wondering, if this Electronic Signature device can prove anything. You sign it yourself and you probably not sure if you really sign it if you see the image weeks later.

Even credit card receipt signature still can’t really prove anything, if you really want to dispute the charge. If they want to cheat they not gonna sign real signature.

I would say don’t waste the money on device let them sign on paper and digitally store whole receipt. Lot of receipt app out there and can be more useful then the device.

I understand what your saying but this is not for legal reasons. We have Sambapos setup in a retail environment and customers order items and some would say i never ordered this or that. Having a signature attached to the ticket would prove to them they did. Sometimes it could be a month before they get their items(because they are not ready for them not us). Signing on paper happens but takes time to find the signature document (Very busy retail environment). Just makes sense to attach to the ticket. I’m going to play around with some of the suggestions from @QMcKay over the weekend.

I’ve seen a lot of POS systems with this feature and I know SambaPOS is based around Restaurants etc where a signature would probably not be needed.

I don’t see how that would happen, don’t you required payment when they order (especially special order, no return)?
I only see signature needed when they pickup the items. Most retail, need to see id/receipt/payment.

In retail, most items can be returned in original packages and unused. I just never seen any retails ask me to sign when order. I just need to pay lol. When I pay, I accept that I order but I can return anyway. :wink: