Simple Custom Order Queue Entity Screen - Ticket Lister

So here is a look at one of my first projects for my POS business. I built a nice Order Queue screen it is all functional except ETA I have yet to build the automation for ETA but that should be done soon.


This screen will be part of my default demo setup that I show my customers.

For the AGE portion if it reaches past 100 minutes it will display simply 100+ instead of showing the ridiculous minutes. I did that with simple ternary. I also used ternary to put the - in place of any entity that may not be assigned to a ticket.

Here is my code:

Label Widget:

 <color White><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 120>AGE</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 140>TYPE</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 127>TABLE</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 163>ORDER #</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 105>ETA</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 255>CUSTOMER</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 205>SERVER</block><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff left 160>AMOUNT</block></color>

Ticket Lister:

<J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 120>[='{CALL:Time.min('{CREATION MINUTES}')}' < '1' ? '1':'{CALL:Time.min('{CREATION MINUTES}')}']</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 140>[='{TICKET TAG:StayGO}' != ''? '-':'{TICKET TAG:StayGo}']</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 127>[='{ENTITY NAME:Tables}' == '' ? '-':'{ENTITY NAME:Table}']</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 163>{TICKET NO}</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 105>ETA</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 255>[='{ENTITY NAME:Customer}' == ''? '-':'{ENTITY NAME:Customer}']</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 205>{USER NAME}</block><J><block 1,15,0,0 #5ffffff left 160>${TICKET TOTAL}</block>

Script For AGE:

function min(minutes)

  var time = minutes;

  if (time>100){
  return "100+";


return time;


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Here is what it looks like when the ticket age is past 100 minutes:


Any update on this project?

A lot has changed since Jan 2018. @AstonMark this looks like a pretty straight forward ticket lister, plus Jesse provided all his screens. You should be able to setup this up and expand on it based on other forum posts. Are you looking for something specific? I use something very similar for our takeout screen.


Hi @josephrussell
Sorry for the late reply. I was looking for something for customers to see the status of their order. Can u pls send share this db file if u dont mind?

I can’t share by DB at this time since its running a non-released beta for card integration, however I can provide anything on the screen/ticket lister settings. This ticket lister format was based on:


Thank you @josephrussell