Simple Display Ticket List for Tables

By default, if a table on an entity screen has multiple tickets, you have to close the ticket then find that table again to open the ticket list. This guide shows you how to use the Display Ticket List action to access this ticket list from within the ticket.

1. Create Automation Command Button and add default mapping

Name: Display Ticket List
Button Header: Display Ticket List

2. Create a Display Ticket List action

Entity Type Name: Tables
Entity Name: {SETTING:EntityName}

3. Create a Update Program Setting action

Setting Name: EntityName
Setting Value: [:SavedValue]
Update Type: Update
Is Local: True

4. Create Close Ticket action

Leave all parameters blank

5. Create Rule with Automation Command Executed event

Add all the actions created previously in exact order as the screenshot below
Update Program Settings EntityName
SavedValue: {ENTITY NAME:Tables}

Note: In order to add the same action more than once, you must right click in the action selection popup window and select Display All Values