Simple Driver Wages + Expenses Setup

I was thinking of setting up a simple Custom Entity Screen, where I can input how many hours each driver (already stored as entities as per the Custom Delivery Package setup) has worked at the end of the day, and it calculates a wage, which I’ll pay out of the till at the end of the night. I also wanted to input a single line expense. This is all to help with an end of day till report.

Something like this:

The boxes are where you input a number, and it automatically calculates it to the right and stores it.

I’ve searched the forum for something similar, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. Would I need to set up new account types etc?

Yes, look at some of the petty cash/expense account topics.

Ok, I’ve have an idea of flow on how I’ll do this. However, I still want to set up the above on an entity screen, with the labels on the left being automatically generated in a label widget, perhaps using

{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name.asc:(ET=Driver)} as syntax (P.S. How do I add the word ‘hours’ after each drive in this respect?)

The boxes I’m guessing can be input using an editor widget - but then how do I display the result (using a simple calculation) on the right and store it for the purposes of an end of day report? Please forgive my lack of understanding on how this works.