Simple Hotel Customization setup

Hotel customization setup

I am willing to engage with someone who can customize Sambapos version 5 to
be used in a hotel setup. The hotel with a 100-bed capacity.
Sambapos should run the bars(we have 3 bars), we have a swimming pool, and those willing
to use this facility are charged 5 dollars per person and we have a conference hall
which is also being used to hold organized meetings.
We have different packages for the conference.

We would also like to integrate the rooms module with OTA and Channel managers for booking and reservation
I think JTRTech had already done something about this. Reports should be generated at midnight.
Some clients will take foods, beverages, swimming, and advice everything to be charged to their room and process the payment when they are checking out.

Other required features will include
*Goods Received Note
*Preparing LPO
*Integration with mobile payment platforms
*Integration with Online ordering platforms
*Integration with Fiscal devices

*Custom Reports esp for the rooms
and rooms as entities that can charge the state from being Ready,Occupied ,Dirty, out of service etc

Please reach me at then we can agree on charges

Think you might be asking allot for samba for that. You will be better off doing what i did and usong a hotel property manaagment system for your bookings, ota etc and use samba as pos for bars etc and intergrate the two together.
OTAs alone you will struggle as the big boys wont work with small time devs, you need to have large client base wanting it to even begin talks of partnering. Their apis are generally not open.

Hi @JTRTech, mine is just the Hotel Rooms (Entity) and Prepaid Cards… Please reach out privately for a detailed explanation… I am willing to pay…