Simple Report Tag Refresh Problem

Hi @emre

There seems to be a problem with a simple REPORT TAG I have in use for an Custom Entity Screen. From the GIF below you can see after a number to attempts I loose the Column in a Table# Command:

The report Syntax:

[#Suppliers Low Stock:1 ,1]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.Company Name.asc,E.Name:(ET=Suppliers) && Entity.GetCustomData("Orders").contains("Low\:")}

The real issue is not so design BUT when I use NAVIGATE back to this screen to “get around” the Widget Refresh issue it breaks just about every time. Therefore a issue to the User.

Please advise, thanks.

Which issue was that again?

I need to use Navigate to refresh the Report Widget as the Refresh Action does not seem to work. As Emre said Q uses SQL to retrieve his data and therefore will always have the latest set.

Umm @emre since I have un-ticked “Auto Refresh” under properties the issue has not reappeared? Still testing…

Ok so your just doing this until next update right?

Yes correct then I will use the proper “Refresh Report Widget” action.

My gut feeling @emre is this is broken somehow and is additional to the Refresh Report Widget Cache check box you have added in the next update.

Below just on loading the screen the REPORT TAG Table# breaks and I have even changed the syntax around to E.Name was listed first.

What your using is Visual Reports so I am sure it has to do with Cache and probably some other factors. Looks like its not refreshing when you switch to that screen from Ticket View.

does it happen when you use regular report view instead of table view?

Interesting it took a few clicks and retries but YES see below:

So this is just on a screen reload i.e. move from POS to Entity Screen, there is no Rules, Actions, other stuff going on.

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Can you PM me your database backup?

You have it.
Click “Bar” department - then Utilities Ticket/Order Line.
May take a few attempts.
Report Name = “Suppliers Low Stock Table ESCustom”

I think I solved it but as it is not easily reproducible I’m not %100 sure. I’ll be glad if you check that after next refresh.


Will be glad to, thanks @emre. Yes sometimes just plays well then for no reason it does not - look forward to the refresh.