Simple Setup With 1 PC (Windows) and 1 Tablet (Apple)

I am new to SambaPOS and have been looking at it for a few hours now. I am testing different systems to know which might fit my current customers needs. He is specifically on a budget and I am trying what I can to save him money without overwhelming myself. Here is what I think are the key issues and need resolving most immediately. If there is an efficient manual that I can read, I am all for it, but I can’t find one.

Here is what I know:

  • This (SambaPOS) can work on a Windows 7/8/10 Home/Professional license as long as it is just the one computer (Server and terminal) and 1 tablet (not more than 1 remote connection).
  • This system allows multiple printers, so I can have one at the POS or cashier, one at the bar, and one in the kitchen without any problem.

Again, thank you for your time and advice on this issue. And, again, if there is a manual that I can download, I would love to. I tried the one provided in the forums and it failed every time.

There is no official manual.

There is the (incomplete) WIKI …

And then there is this forum - in particular, look through the Tutorial topics, and use the Search function to find solutions.

Windows RPD license only allows 1 RDP connection and when it is connected the PC its connected to will not be usable.

If you want to use RDP you should look into Windows Server edition and RDP Licensing its quite expensive.

If cost is what your most concerned with then going with a Windows 8/10 tablet will be the best option. You do not need to use RDP it can be ran locally and connect to the servers database. Apple is most certainly about as far from cost effective as you can get you pay premium for apple products.

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So under this scenario, running Windows 8 tablets, I can still have a cash drawer, printers, and at least two terminals? (Tablets)

You can have unlimited terminals and yes you can. If your buying new look for windows 10 tablets that are in your price range. Windows 10 is the latest OS no reason not to get the current system if your buying new unless you get a super good price on windows 8 and can upgrade to 10.

There is no hard-limit to Terminals, or Printers if you use your network/wifi and Windows devices. Stay away from RDP and Apple (or any non-windows device (i.e. Android) for that matter). Due to licensing with RDP, non-windows devices are not recommended.

Check this thread for low-cost devices…

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Okay, I think I’m getting it. So I can use the current PC as server and then use a tablet without having to get Windows Server?

I wouldnt consider it the server, it is the PC that runs the SQL server but it would also be a terminal. Your tablets would be additional terminals connecting to the SQL server thats on your PC. And no you do not need windows server edition.

Look here for SQL server setup instructions:

Alright. And the only time RDP comes into play is if its an Android or Apple tablet.

Yes and with RDP you can expect to pay $1200-4000 depending on the setup and # of terminals. That is JUST for the software not counting cost of actual hardware.

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Then I believe we have a winner. I finally managed to download the Server Setup Guide and will look at that.

Thanks for the help.

Be sure and look at the link I provided above it shows step by step for setting up SQL Express 2014 which is the current version.

As a point of reference in terms of ‘server’ it is just a PC with SQL loaded.
Personally the biggest install I have setup is 4 terminals and one of those was the acting ‘server’ with sql.
The machines were a Core2Duo 3Ghz with 4GB Ram, Windows 7 obviously (pro but not sure if needed to be pro) and no issues at all.
4 terminals with 1 terminal as server is my largest install to date, not sure how far I could push a core2duo machine with SQL and a terminal but absolutely no problem running 3 additional terminals from it so would expert could easily add a couple more without any issues but havn’t tried yet would be interested to know how many before performance was effected. :smile:

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