Single product custom report ? SQL ? or the custom report Module

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i was wondering if i wana have a custom report on a single product ? whats my guide on SQL or the custom report module ?

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Custom reports explanations can be found here:

For SQL here is a good reference:

To learn how to use the SQL in custom reports look here:

Custom report tags is easier and simpler but SQL, if you learn it, is more flexible and has endless possibilities.

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What kind of report about the product are you looking to make?

they asked me if they can just do one report on a product. to see the full analysis… like how much is been sold. and how much it consumed from inventory… etc… i guess this is what i understood from them. i explained that you can have all that in the full report. so i was wondering if i can make them that option.

You can but they need to be specific what they want or you will have to just give them something and they tell you thats good or no I want more…

I mean you need to know what they want to report about that item. Unfortunately neither custom tags nor SQL will allow you to just type give me some data about product A and it give you what they want :stuck_out_tongue:


i couldn’t agree more :slight_smile: , will try to grasp exactly what they need and will get back. thank you again

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