Smabapos Mobile Client Messaging Connection Error

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I’ve been using sambapos mobile client before but one of these days my system got corrupted or something and I had to wipe SQL and reinstall SQL aswell As Sambapos and I restored the backup. Everything came back even to my last order but the messaging server on the mobile client is giving an messaging server error. There is not issue on the computer as I have fully disabled all firewall and checked inbound and outbound rules where in outbound rules sambapos messaging server was blocked and I enable it still it didn’t work. Then I disabled all firewall and restarted the service multiple times. The mobile client does find the IP and give option of ticket but it doesn’t let me update.

As I have said before I have set it up pretty easily before and it worked for ages but I had to reinstall SQL and sambapos which m8 be causing a problem.
Thanks for the help.

Can some please help?

I am also facing the same issue

When requesting help it’s best to share supporting information like what version of Sambapos and mobile client. The most current version is 5.6.2 and mobile client 3. Your screenshot seems to show older mobile client 2.

No version of mobile client “finds the IP”. The IP is there from last time you used mobile client. So I would say firstly make sure that is actually the IP of the computer. You also need to set that computer with a static IP so it will not change in the future.

I also suggest as you had to setup SambaPOS and SQL server again that you review the setup guide for mobile client:

For Version 2 (as you have in your photos):

For Version 3 (which you should really upgrade to however you MUST use latest SambaPOS v5.6.2 as well):

Most likely will be messaging server has not been setup and configured correctly. You said you disabled firewall which is good - it needs to either be disabled or configured correctly and if you don’t know how to do that, disabling is the best option.

I also notice in this screenshot that none of the settings are showing, which also tells me that it cannot find messaging server…

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Please don’t just jump on someone else’s post saying you have the same issue. If you have an issue, either post your own topic sharing details of the actual issue you have, or email for support.