Small Keyboard Sensitivity Issues

Hi @emre

This is getting me down somewhat and unsure if it is an issue or not? I am using a Surface Pro 4 Core, networked (1G) dock hardwired so there is no lag.

I am finding when using the “Small Keyboard” menu option that 50% of presses the keypress on a 12.3" Surface Pro - the key is not being recorded. The situation increases when you change through menus.

Here is the screen:

If I use a custom Keyboard the result is much better. The difference with the Custom keyboard is the Hover Command is used? Not sure if this makes a difference.

I have calibrated the screen.

Emre this unfortunately will not work in a busy Bar as if the operators need to retry the quantity button over and over again it will be a disaster.

I am wondering if you build in the Hover Command (like customer keyboard/log in - keys turn blue) whether this will improved sensitivity with Tablets?

Can you please advise.

I tested it with surface simulator but it seems to receive touch messages fine. I’ll try to test that with a physical touchscreen device.

Thanks @emre for following up this as always.

I cannot understand why these buttons above (my first image) would behave differently to any other Screen buttons like Menu or Ticket Line buttons? I did have a few issues yesterday LIVE with a few “miss fires” by the Bar Staff.

These buttons below work much better.

So these buttons above work all the time and I would use these in place of the small keyboard but on a 12.3" Surface they consume too much space with the Edit Line (Tick/Cross). I not sure if the Hover makes them more effective?

Your thoughts?