SMS End of Day report to somebody

I have a question, Can we SMS end of day Sale report to any number? (i’m sure the answer is yes!)

I tried doing it using the report tags, I am getting a SMS on ending the work period, but i am unable to call the sale report to it.

In printer template I have replaced the SMS to:


Here is the screenshot

But it sends a sms which has this data:


Please help me on this.

Not sure if that would work in a printer template as it might be expecting the report date range and typically printer templates are ticket based…

Can I ask how are you sending the SMS? Thanks.

I also wanted to know this, so used the search feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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Useful find Great Shakes well done - V3, but should work fine - thanks.

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I am sending the sms through http url api

REPORT TAGS probably will not work through a printer template like that. REPORT TAGS are different than Printer Template tags even though they share the same style of syntax.

Can I do it through some other way?

The only way sending sms works currently is through the printer template… so it will be unlikely. You could probably try some advanced scripting if you had an SMS agent that uses an API that gives you access… but I have zero knowledge if such a thing exists. Additionally you would need to upgrade to v5 to access this scripting support.

There will not be anymore updates for v4 as well.

Okay. I will leave this for now. :slight_smile:

You might read into that… with v5 we can execute jscript and if this api allows you might be able to hook into it and feed report info to the script.

We are planning to upgrade it soon, will reply on this thread once I will do that.

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