Solution for ' Het Volbert' in Enschede, Netherlands


My name is Peter Jan and i manage the activities at the community center where we also live.
I introduced V4 as replacement for the paper bar-tickets we use and i’m very happy with this solution. The demands we need could be very specific and i have the idea that with some effort we can set the pos to our needs. By example, we have several bridge-clubs in the house. A club has about 100 members who change places (other table) every 30 minutes or so. While they are playing, drinks can be ordered. With the paper tickets it worked as the bartender knew all the members, but for new bartenders it’s almost impossible to handle it without disturbing the concentrated players… The introduction of SambaPOS has made this a lot simpler but i’d like to customize it more to the situation that i can take orders from tables and then, when serving out the orders, to connect it to a customer… As the tenders not know all the names of the members i want to connect a member to a number or maybe a barcode for scanning while serving out. Get the point ?
So if someone has a solution how to set this up in SambaPOS i’m very interested.
Now that V5 has more future possibilities i like to switch to V5.
Our community center is non-profit and i’d like to ask if it is possible to get a free license for V5.
Here some pictures of the place

Presumably you are running tabs on a per member bases?
If you intend to use tablet for order at table you might be better just having a 4 didgit member number you type in rather than carry a tablet and a bar-code scanner as expect for a not-for-profit a handheld with built in barcode scanner would be out of budget.
You can then just setup a numberpad rule or a custom button with change entity with a [?prompt] for the member number.
You could get a networked thermal printer or even just setup sharing on the terminal printer and use that and setup ‘kitchen printer’ to print the drinks orders in place of food or duplicate the print setup for seperate ‘bar printer’ flow.

It would be great if we can use Windows tablet’s camera as barcode scanner.

Thanks for reply. Yes, every member has to have its own ticket in the customer tickets screen so hè or she can pay at the end of the Evening. Now what i like to have is to use the ‘all tables’ tab to take the orders and, like you mentioned, use a kitchen printer/screen to display the orders at the bar so a plate per table can be prepared. Then when serving out i want to add the drink to the ticket of the served member. Entering a number is the easiest way, flipping around a ipad to use the camera as barcodescanner is far from practical. So, I know this has to be possible but still figuring this out how to set this up. Until now i can add drinks to a table and move it to a customer. But because customers move to other tables i don´t know how to make that possible in SambaPOS. Best would be that if the drink is served and added to the customers ticket, it would appear that the customer is not at the table anymore.
There are lot of examples in this forum but i still have to find the best one to suit my needs. Anyone know wich one is the best for my setup ? I

Peter Jan