[Solved] Automation Command toggle Not working

I have a button set to update ticket state to GIFT RECEIPT ACTIVE: Yes if a gift receipt is required. when it is pressed the button updates to Cancel Gift Receipt, which when pressed should remove the ticket state of GIFT RECEIPT ACTIVE:Yes. However when i press it to cancel the POS crashes and i have to close and restart. Here’s my flow:

Automation Command



If i use the same actions and have two separate buttons instead (gift receipt and cancel gift receipt) the ticket state updates correctly and there are no issues so i know the actions work fine. when i try to put them into one automation command button and toggle between them this is when they do not work.

Here are the screen shots
select item and press gift receipt button

Ticket state updates to GIFT RECEIPT ACTIVE:Yes, the gift receipt button toggles to say cancel gift receipt and when payment is processed a gift receipt prints.

However if i now press the Cancel gift receipt button the POS crashes (not responding)

Any ideas why my toggle button (cancel gift receipt) doesnt work and causes the program to crash?

Can you show your actions?

i have at the start of the post

I’m not sure about the reason of that issue but this is not a correct use of automation toggle as it won’t restore latest state. That toggling feature implemented before we’ve implemented ticket states but I’m keeping it for backward compatibility.

Instead you can create two buttons and display one of them as Gift Receipt state changes. Same as we’ve implemented Gift and Cancel Gift buttons.

To elaborate a little more basically you would create two buttons and set visibility based on state. It would look the same as the toggle but like he said it will work properly.

Yes you have. Sorry that’s what I get for scrolling too fast.

EDIT: LOL did it again. Didn’t read all of @emre post.

Thanks for reply @emre ill set up as two buttons, thanks :slight_smile:

@Jesse what mapping do i need to add so that my Gift Receipt button disappears when it is pressed? currently i have the Cancel gift Receipt button to appear only when the gift receipt button is pressed and the ticket state updates to GIFT RECEIPT ACTIVE:Yes, but the gift receipt button doesnt remove after it is pressed

Try setting its Visibility to


EDIT: Sorry typed wrong symbol meant = not :

thats works perfect except i only want the button to show on the ticket when a ticket has been created. Can i stop it from showing here?

On the other buttons i have when i have an active ticket ive set Enabled States to New, New Orders and they only show on active ticket. If i do the same mapping with the gift receipt button it still shows on the first screen before a ticket is created

Set it as


still shows in both places



nothing changes, still shows on both :frowning:

Status=New should work.

Oh I think its the Gift Receipt Active = throwing it off… try this.


Define your cancel to set it to No

EDIT: Scratch that… you do not need to do this. Instead set a Ticket Created rule and have it set the State to No

doesnt show anywhere now

ticket created rules doesnt work however defining the cancel to No did only show the buttons when I wanted them to

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