[SOLVED] Birthday Reminder

I’m trying to setup a message pop up for customers birthdays. Most of our customers like to only give day and month so I’ve added 2 fields to the Customer Entity, Birthday Day and Birthday Month. I’m testing at present and it sort of works but not as I expect it to. I’ve created a Birthday Popup Action which displays a message on the screen just after the customer ‘tags’ in (I use RFID tags for my coffee points reward system). This is triggered by an action in my ‘CC-Coffee Card Scanned’ Rule. The action uses a constraint which compares (or will compare) Birthday Day and Birthday Month with {DATE:dd} and {DATE:mm}, if they both match the message will pop. I’m just using Day at present for testing purposes.

My problem is that the tag has to be scanned twice for it to work. The first scan finds the customer and displays their details at the top of the new order screen (but the birthday pop up doesn’t pop).
This: image
Turns to this: image
The second scan pops the message:


Am I expecting too much with all the actions in this rule? Is there a better way to achieve what I need?

Thanks in advance. :+1:

The reason is you do not have an entity loaded yet. First either assign entity to ticket or load entity in the rule and then run the comparison.

OR simply try putting refresh ticket at end instead of between them

Or change to use seccond rule for birthday check automation parts of say ticket entity changed so it checks birthday when ticket entity is updated.

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Cheers, I’ll try those things tonight. :grinning:

So I went with the second rule solution:

Added two new Custom Fields (I’ll delete Birthday later to avoid confusion)


Created my Action:


Then the Rule:



Important! The Month has to be MM because mm is minutes duh!

Thanks again for the help :+1:

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