[SOLVED] Customer Address on the Receipt

Pls how do i make the customer Address to show on the receipt

Search :stuck_out_tongue:

Just add the tags for custom entity data;

{ENTITY DATA:<datafield>}

This would be in the [ENTITY:Customers] part of the template.

Thanks man, what can i do without you, Much love and appreciation.

JRTech my logo does not appear on the second terminal, to think i should share the logo location

Put it in the same location on each terminal

You can also put it in a mapped network drive location.

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Yes, i have done that already it don’t seems to work

Can you show the location you put them? Perhaps you put them in wrong location?

Show your logo line of template

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I put all of then in them in the sambapos document folder



Those are two different directories, templates are global.
Put them in a common directory like c:\eposimages\ on each machine

Without the user name it does not work

What logo you doing? on receipt right?

yes, Ticket Template and can i use the location without users name side of the location will be ok if i put it on the desktop location