[SOLVED] Delivery Address when Tag is set to Delivery

Probably Ticket Created event with constraints for delivery type.

@Jesse can explain a little bit more please …

Ticket created rule event will limit the rule to once per ticket.

Constraint will limit to if delivery or not.
The constraint will depend on how you are logging the delivery/takeaway option.

And what I have to do ?

Change the rule you have setup to ask takeaway or dine in to ticket created rather than order added.
Then depending on how you are logging takeaway/dine in the rest will depend… how are you setting in/out? tag, state, entity?

Ticket tag

But that uses a toggle value automation command so you have customised from that so please don’t just post topic you’ve based set-up on if not followed exactly…

You have an ask question for delivery/takeaway or whatever the non delivery option is.
Presumably you have an automation command name set for the ask question and another rule which sets the tag?

Sorry you are Wright is toggle value …
I have followed the setup exactly …

So whats the ask question in your first screenshot?

If the ticket is Dinein or Delivery and its working fine.
What I’m looking for is to ask me for address only if I choose Delivery, or if you prefer if ticket tag is set to Delivery.

Thought it was command toggle value?

Now you are realy confuse me …

I said;

You said;

The tutorial shows toggle value for dine in / takeaway.
You said your using toggle value like tutorial but hen I asked what the ask question was you said;

Please explain you flow for ticket created?
What actions/rules are in the flow ie;

Ticket Created --> Ask Question (Delivery or Takeaway) etc

Give me a minute for screenshot …

Ok look i’m using the same Actions And rules like the tutorial

and this is the question and if you see the gif is working fine

Ok, that answers the question, my point was that the tutorial uses a toggle value automation command rather than an ask question, i asked what you did to set tag and you posted link to the tutorial and you said you followed exactly but you didnt as used ask question, I was just trying to understand your flow…
This is what the tutorial used for setting tag;

Ok so how are you triggering the ‘which address’ ask question at the moment?

oh yes i did
the only difference is i delete the map because i didn’t want the button anymore in my ticket screen …

BUT You were showing screenshot of an ask question not a toggle value automation command!!

I followed the tutorial and then i create the question, i wrote it in the first post

THEN WHY SAY THIS… Your not using toggle value…

Either way…
Show your ask question rules for dine in/takeaway and the delivery address options and will get your solution sorted.