(SOLVED) How to print 'Deliverer Name' on ticket?

Hello everyone! I want to print deliverer name on ticket. On Printer Templates screen I tried to add tag like {ENTITIY NAME: Deliverer}, but it wasn’t working.

Is it possible? Thank you!

It will be possible but we dont know your setup to tell you exact answer…
You have a space after the colon on your post, is that the rame in your template?

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{ENTITY DATA:Deliverer:Name}


Thank you! I’ve solved adding those lines:

Deliverer Name: {ENTITIY NAME}


Hi can you help me sort out this issue

Sort what issue, he solved above. Exact expression would depend on how you have setup.

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Hi Thanks To Reply ,
I need Deliverers Name in Kitchen Tickets

I already follow this steps but not appearing in KOT

As I said, exact expression would depend on your setup.
Also don’t know if you made a mistake or used wrong expressikn or in prong place…

Don’t do free 1:1 private support.
Post public for good of community and others who may face same mistakes.

Where os {ENTITIES} placeholder…
Tags are case sensitive, is you delivier type block capitals?

Also pretty sure TICKET TAG:X … is wrong.
Template is bit messy but if works and your happy.

I would point you to;

To Bruce up kn the basics.

Thanks for your Reply