[SOLVED] How to show Customer Name in "Hold" button for takeaway


I’ve followed this guide to create a “Hold” button for my takeaway mode.

It works fine. When there is no ticket and I click “Hold” it brings up the menu of currently held tickets along with their phone number, ticket tag and total cost. However I would also like to add the customer name so that it is easy to locate certain customers (e.g. delivery customers). Is there anyway of doing this? Screenshot attached below.
For extra information my workflow would be for a takeaway as follows:

Customer orders -> Ticket Tag either Pickup or Delivery -> Hold order -> Order ready -> Customer picks up food -> reopen ticket -> settle payment.

Many thanks, Kamal.

Yep justbadd another ticket tag to enter the customers name after you have selected your pickup or delivery ticket tag

When you select a customer, customer name should also appear there.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the helps, turns out that I had changed the primary field name for the customers entity, hence it wasn’t showing properly!